Our History

Our history in automotive detailing began in 1995 as part of a Queensland-based franchise group called Cargroomers, where we spent many years cultivating the fine art of automotive detailing and paint correction, trained by a professional detailer of Ferrari’s, Lamborghini, Porsche’s, Maserati, Mercedes Benz , BMW and Aston Martin, just to name a few!

Soon after, we were subcontracted to Rolls Royce and Bentley where, in addition to those esteemed vehicles, we also became familiar with cars like Lamborghini (our first Black Countach), and developed a specialty for black cars.

In 1999, the opportunity arose for us to move on from Cargroomers and launched our business, Eurogloss Prestige. Today, we are detailing prestige, classic and super cars, and we are highly sought after in the industry for our expertise in paint correction (polishing out paint defects) ranging from deep scratches, chips, swirl marks and other paint imperfections.

We continue to invest considerable time, resources and training to keep ahead of the latest technologies in equipment and products, and are in contact with industry leaders in the USA and Europe on the latest developments.

With 21 years in the auto detailing industry, we are entrusted by private collectors, corporate clients and new visitors alike with their most prized possessions! Paint Correction is our forte, black cars a specialty!

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Thank you for choosing Eurogloss Prestige.

Mario Corallo