What is detailing?

Detailing is the systematic cleaning and polishing of all surface areas relating to a cars surface, exterior and interior.

What is paint correction?

Paint Correction is machine polishing to remove paint defects with the medium of a polishing compound.

What is the difference between a wax and a polish?

A wax protects and a polish removes paint defects via abrasive media.

Is there a cancellation fee?

We try to ensure all our clients receive the highest quality of service and to ensure we all our appointments are met we have a 20% cancellation fee.

Are you mobile?

Yes we are mobile, we don’t carry our own water or electricity as generators cause too much noise and pollution and water tanks are too heavy to drag around.

We do however, carry all our own equipment to detail and polish your car.

Can you also detail a car with a water-less wash?

Yes we can, but at an additional cost because of the time consuming nature of this procedure.

Do you need undercover to do the work?

Yes we do need some form of cover a garage or carport to do the job especially polishing jobs (Paint Correction).

What type of paint defects can you remove?

Scratches, Swirl marks, Acid rain, Oxidized Paint and Bird Droppings (providing the damage hasn’t gone through the top clear coat layer.) When there is a sufficient amount of paint or clear to level out ( remove microns of paint ) to get the paint defects out without causing damage!

Are you fully insured?

Yes we are fully insured.

Do you use an Electronic paint Thickness Gauge (EPTG)?

Yes we do use one, that gives our clients piece of mind as all polishing or paint correction jobs are done in the most accurate way, without removing to much clear or paint. It also gives us the added safety to know how much paint to remove and to leave enough for future polishing.

Do you wetsand?

Wetsanding is our specialty as most scratches won’t come out with just polishing alone that’s why we offer this specialised service at an additional cost.

Wetsanding and Paint Correction are very labour intensive jobs and very time consuming that’s why we charge a premium for these services.

It is not your normal cut and polish it’s more technical the results speak for themselves compared to cut and polish!

We use only the best polishing compounds which are used at the OEM level you can rest assured the results will be spectacular!