Paint Protection

Best Car Paint Protection Melbourne

After spending thousands of dollars on a new car or a new coat of paint, it’s understandable why you might be reluctant to invest in further paint protection. Of course, the answer to this question is different for every client. Although some would argue that investing in car paint protection is superfluous, others may say it’s one of the smartest investments they made for their car. Our team are dedicated to delivering the the best car paint protection in Melbourne and we love what we do.

Is paint protection worth the investment?

When determining whether or paint protection is worth the investment, you should think about where you take your car and where you leave it. If you’re constantly parking in areas with lots of sun, near powerlines (where birds leave droppings) and overhanging trees; it’s likely that a car paint protection is a worthwhile investment for you.

Car paint protection will significantly reduce the maintenance you will need to perform on your car in the future. It’ll protect your coat of paint against minor scratches and blemishes that would otherwise cost you a fortune to repaint. It should be worth nothing that scratches that have gone through the clear coat can only be repaired with a full-scale repaint of the car.